Barias helps your business grow!

Are you short of space, personnel or time? Are the right machines not available? A test run? Or a need for an exchange on the latest packaging trends and consumer expectations? Then Barias is the solution for you!

We pack

Barias specializes in tailor-made (re)packaging for food products, both manual, automated and a mix of both. An example of this is the collaboration with Greenyard Frozen for the co-packing of their organic cauliflower rice for the American market.


Barias also offers a wide range of storage options in our various frozen, refrigerated and ambient warehouses. Are you looking for a short-term solution or a structural partnership? Then Barias is the ideal partner!

we support

At Barias the value-added services are endless. We offer both logistical and administrative support for your packaging project. In addition, there are countless services to ensure that every project is successfully completed. We will come to a successful conclusion!

we think along

At Barias we are both doers and thinkers. With over 17 years of knowledge and experience in various sectors, we have become the extension of the R&D department of our clients. We inform the client and together to find the best solution!