A sector in motion

The agro-food industry is evolving rapidly and radically today.
Changes are needed
because consumers are more critical and diverse, sustainability is gaining importance, and food safety must be guaranteed at all costs. Smart entrepreneurs from
the sectors involved will have to share knowledge in the future. Co-creation will become the norm
and is already the norm at Barias. In a number of chapters, Chris sheds light on the profession, with trends
and future-oriented ideas. He invited a few leading figures with a link to related
branches to take a sharp look at food, packaging, health, education
entrepreneurship, sustainability, legislation, circular food or digitalisation. The book is therefore
not a pur sang business book, but all the more a source of inspiration for professionals. Since
food concerns us all, the subjects are also quite interesting and clear for the
non-specialist reader. Guests in the book are Pieter Aquarius (packaging machine builder
Case Packing Systems), Freddy Bekaert (Vives), Kris Declercq and Francesco Vanderjeugd
(mayors), Koen Dejonckheere (Gimv), Herwig Dejonghe (Antartic Foods), Prof. Liesbeth Jacxs (who is also a member of the board of directors) and Prof. Liesbeth Dejonghe (who is a member of the board of directors). Liesbeth
Jacxsens (Ugent), Goedele Liekens (UN ambassador), Joke Vandepitte (Pittman Seafoods), Piet
Vanthemsche (Voedselbanken) and Antoon Wallays (Agristo).

A surprising book

Wrapped up tastes good is a unique book, not bulky and above all fun to read. Because not everyone
is a fanatical reader, it is made up of short, manageable and finely illustrated
sections. This allows the reader to selectively pick out what interests him or her.
Quotes are thought-provoking. Cartoons by Lectrr - house cartoonist at De Standaard - do
the same and make you smile. In a time when we scroll like crazy and
valuable information just slips through our fingers, a book offers solace: a slower but
rock solid medium. The fact that the book actually rolled off the shelves at Barias,
, makes it even more special. It is packaged in authentic food packaging. Unlimited shelf life
and preferably kept in the bookcase.

Learn more about the book: www.ingepaktsmaaktlekker.be



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