On Sept. 10, Barias, which packages food products for producers, proudly accepted the title Company of the Year at the Roeselare Awards. During a dazzling show at the Expohallen, Barias won out over four other Roeselare companies with a strong story to tell. "This recognition in our own city is incredibly gratifying," said CEO Chris Mullie, who was also in the finals for Personality of the Year.

In the Valley of Nutrition, Barias found fertile ground. The company is growing and exporting even across the great ocean. The entrepreneurial spirit, passion and great results resulted in a nomination for Company of the Year at the Roeselare Awards. Barias managed to cash in on that nomination during the awards show on September 10. For farmer's son and CEO Chris Mullie, it is another fine recognition, after the award of National SME of the Year (UNIZO) in 2021.

"It is a recognition for the hard work of the past years. Not only for myself, but for the entire Barias team. Each of our employees helped make this possible. Barias is not sitting still. The company also has great ambitions for the coming years."



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